how did i get there?

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Aug 27

a microwave fines a linked firework.

this crystal cows another dry criterion underneath whatever anthology.

a microwave fines a firework.

Aug 26

Guillaume Vogels, from Fog (Brouillard), n.d.


Guillaume Vogels, from Fog (Brouillard), n.d.



I am calling from outer-space
this is me
falling on my face

Aug 19

need plans
i’ll wait and we
can throw
line spinach about
the phases
in the lyric

Aug 12

the death of a genie from my childhood

if only things were so horrible, we would take the creation of event of ideas to be a high school dance, and we like to think most people will change, but “thinking” and “change” have huge buts

can we become north form them, for them not stand lonely as a shadow but together

as a hole in animals.
things said means, not
people, a watch must be what really is

a meal found and eaten with great success, no reason for concern about where the water runs off, our schedules could be different, the photgraphs may only be a modern invention, a watch must be what really is. we call while we are alone at night they are phones

i don’t have conversation left for collapse. sang aloud on the farm because many people want that

cut world
open through a shell,
we assume
certain connections
will not have
value, that they will
be a dodgy old
and may make
the glass, of sense
your common
now we

built emotions like we must have had to birth there children as well, but no we are not the trombones — and another person out there is have breakfast.

left for
the collapse
of photographs.

resigned to a miserable syllable, the same as a missing chair, but force our personal lives to be ecstaticly happy all the time, where concrete and touch with reality. not wanton but perserving, as if to match religion, with action figures. the problem with this is, no room is left for the sporting life and pristine natural wilds.

really a meal found just for eating.

no sea stories last any more when evaporation happens. after the shower. is the next tune.

Aug 8



Aug 2

the standing

is it smudged
to create a square
resting against right side figure
almost as char
can’t see you coal
as it should

Aug 1

journal (part six)

has this gone further told the center about to makes sense, flicking the metaphorical headlights off. chat or a chapter each day allow to go on. i won’t disagree with any of this. the keys are out walking side.

Jul 31

a series of throw away short poems

where’s peter pan
when you want
to have an honest
conversation with him?
look a sunshower

Jul 26

journal (part five)

suddenly traveled south to the lake. no planning ahead, or behind. everything is after work. and after more than half of saturday, friends for a party. skateboardin’ grillin’ hoolahoop but not at same time. let’s get dangerous.

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