how did i get there?

nonchalant compositions, erratum, & et cetera

Apr 18

going public ‘a story’


april going back towards
here going describes a drive
the lights are street bright
well you agree with that? yes i would
& a symptom of rhyme touch my body
as cadillaced & stunned
the lights street off contact lens


everything fits the shape
with it the exoskeleton
seen the picture in the you
walking upright by any street sign


april here
shows up by night time
doesn’t transfer light
to at the well
one syllable words are
the short gears
& a symptom of windshield
as a poem is
bright image for yes


as walking ambling really the same temp
as earlier yes my name
is a flarf poetry street sign
shows where march
ended making me feel roman
write letters to friends as speaking aloud
is a streetlamp on north state street


don’t i need a new couch?
no i don’t i am parked

Apr 16
parking spot

parking spot

Apr 15

"Possessed"18 cm x 30 cm2014Óleo sobre tela / Oil on canvasM Camila Calderó


18 cm x 30 cm
Óleo sobre tela / Oil on canvas
M Camila Calderón

Apr 14

Apr 6

writing by hand in my notebook
i am compost, here i can be proud

Mar 31


fleas outside drum
making room, quick spray them.
last one to leave thinking death.

Mar 29

darling plans part two

i’ve driven home, there we stand having learned and hurry up to weight have you tempted the right hashtags

this i mean correctness yes, hungry people don’t stay hungry for long. you bring the right information in. i’ve learned to be a collector of things that’s what i was raised as. for the case of 17 people is small rocks that you find in this area in this state.

moments are again and with their consequences, and the pole is made. the poem is created. at the palm of the end, of the mind this will be next month were you about it’s official culture then. this sound of talking too loud in peoples ears. do you want it to break and diverse now? all those line breaks.

the transfer of disease, a long pause, popular song. that was in a sentence, how there aren’t palm trees in this part of the country. a basic units. but is that like slam poultry? no i’m sorry the constitution does not give the president the ability to create maharajahs. you could just cut the sound sound sound you could just cut the sent

received it any rate the rocks splits wilson headed for europe. here’s where are you

the imagination. is that #always pointing toward late-night television. this is better than that rain. the process begins near a new day perfect

Mar 28

darling plans (book two)

(spoken aloud into my phone using the speech to text feature what comes out is here)

and once again the last moment. this up apology for capital letters. delete that, into the foreign past, but schoolbags going by will forgive me. the public a gift with rain. in great scale is now clear you and i are the same. how romantic a work week, a sentence that can’t be finished. tired is easier later. it isn’t the smell of breakfast which wakes you up but the sound of allowed neighbor i can’t wait to this but i saw this. here’s with silence is, this is what it is not. the lights hit this differently for different people, but you understand that i know. get the pronouns right i heard on the radio. i can’t coldest fiction because well i see five grammar mistakes but, the painting language ambiguity. it’ll be hard to wait to april 11, just scratching the chin, for me eating is a kind of power, donate books.

Mar 22

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